where can I learn Touch for Health?
The Synthesis is taught over 5 two-day workshops, or equivalent hours to suit students and Instructors:
Level 1 
Enables you to perform a muscle balance using neuro-lymphatic, neuro vascular and spinal reflexes. You will also learn to release emotional stress and help reduce pain.
Level 2
Builds on skills and introduces the application of the Chinese Law of 5 Elements to energy balancing, over and under energy; food testing with sensitivity mode; the principles of yin and yang applied to meridians and organs… and more!
Level 3
Introduces facilitation/inhibition theory; correction methods for gaits, postural problems and reactive concepts, allowing the body to function as a harmonious whole, even under stress. Pain tapping for chronic pain, using pulse checks,  is also within this module.
Level 4
Develops the emotional work introduced in previous levels , balancing with sound, colour, deeper goals, Tibetan energy flows and posture stress release are all covered.
After each or all of these workshops, you are well equipped to balance family and friends, or use the self- help techniques to improve your own health and well being.
If you already carry practitioner insurance, each module may be added to your “therapies covered” as completed.
This level   reviews the entire syllabus and introduces some basic client care, record keeping, ethical and legal requirements for working with the public. It also prepares you for a formal assessment, after succeeding in which you may join the Kinesiology Federation (see links) and obtain insurance to work with the public and charge a fee.
You can Touch for Health anywhere!
Touc for Health Instructors practice their art
Anterior Deltoid - Gall Bladder meridian!


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